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This dress is SO gorgeous, Kristen!! The style suits you perfectly, and I love all the quintessential 1930s details!
Oh, and just for the record, you made my day with the right-side-zipper admission. Because I just did that very thing on a dress I made recently. So thank you for that! ;)
Lovely job! And I love the back buckle - I have yet to do that on anything but it looks so fun!

Gina White

This house dress is so charming and looks like it would be so beyond comfy! I also love the fabric print, it is so sweet! I can't wait to be done with the musical costuming so that I can get back to vintage sewing! I think I need to add a house dress to my "to do" list! Great inspiration!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Oh, Esther, that is funny. At least we know we're not alone in our face-palm moments! I wasn't sure about the back buckle at first, but I've decided I like it.

Thank you, Gina! Yes, I like the fabric print too. It's the sort of fabric I always try to find since it has a print but it's subtle enough that the print doesn't disguise the dress details. I prefer most patterns best in a solid fabric, but on the other hand I'm always finding prints I love...and then have a hard time finding a pattern to pair with the print! It's a hopeless case.

Sarah A.

Lovely classic style and it is inspiring me to get on with my own ventures into 1930's sewing this year. :) Love the unique style with the back belt and all.

Christa Green

So lovely!! It is beautiful and very well done. You look great in it! Absolutely love the does too!!

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