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Juliana @ Urban Simplicity

An excellent post--shoes can really make or break an outfit, I think. I would also add that the vamp height is very important, as most 1940s shoes feature a fairly high vamp, something missing from most modern shoes (given the recent fad for "toe cleavage" in particular).

I would also add that Keds have been around for donkey's ages and are completely period appropriate for casual wear, as are LLBean duck boots (which are ages old). High laced boots can be worn for a 1930s-ish adventurer-type look, or even a military look. But then, I'm not a complete purist when it comes to my every-day look. But for costuming purposes, or events, those wouldn't work well, I think. There is a photo of Rita Hayworth wearing sandals that are almost identical the ubiquitous ones found today that consist of a flat sole, flip-flop type strap in between the big and second toe, and then wrap around the ankle (I'm describing it badly, but you'd know it if you saw it, I think).

Aerosoles are wonderful for good repro, as are Clarks--they have a shoe right now they are calling a bootie, and I saw it on another vintage blogger and thought they were authentic period shoes! The vamp is very high, and the heel height appropriate, black matte suede, the shape is correct. I also sometimes find certain Dansko styles can work for 1940s as well, as wedges/clogs were especially popular in France--I have some pics in a book from the time that look quite like several pairs I own.

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

I totally agree, Juliana, that shoes can make or break an outfit. Modern ballet flats, for me, just ruin a perfect vintage dress and victory rolls.

Your point about a wide vamp is excellent, and something I added to the article. Even sandals never had toes out the front like some modern sandals, or were cut down far enough to show the top of the toes.

Thanks for the brand recommendations! I'm sure the readers will find them helpful.

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