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Juliana @ Urban Simplicity

Nicely done! I agree--this is def. a late 1930s pattern (I'd guess 1938/1939, going by the cover art), and I think you can totally wear it for reenacting. Keep in mind that women would have worn older styles a bit longer as rationing went into effect, particularly in Europe and Britain, which felt the pinch a lot earlier than the U.S.

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Yes, that's true. I read somewhere that many folks just shortened the hems of their '30s styles skirts to fit the current fashion trend - that was patriotic then. And anyway, 1938-1939 is still considered WWII era fashion. The war hadn't come yet to America, but was in Europe.

Thanks so much for your advice!

Emily's Vintage Visions

Oooh love this! It turned out grand! I'm particularly drawn to the styles of the late 30s and very early 40s. I think many people were still making, and wearing, fashions from 1938/39 (which is what I would date the pattern to) well into the war years due to rationing, financial strain, etc. with a few minor changes. There was also the whole movement of "make do and mend" so I would not worry. Love the whole look. Hope you have a great 4th of July!

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