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Sarah A.

Splendid job once again, Kristen! You always look so classy. Looks like you could have stepped out of one of the photos of my grandparents. :) The little details on the dress are very appealing. And I like your new shoes!


This is a lovely dress, I really like the pleats and the pocket. Great shoes too!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Thanks so much, ladies! I was a little unsure about the way the skirt would turn out when actually worn - actual models always look a little different than the drawings - but it was so unique I had to try it and liked how it turned out, for the most part.


What a fun pocket! I do love how your buttons mirror the white polka dots on your fabric, I think that's such a neat little detail. This whole outfit really is fabulous, and oh! Those shoes! They are darling! :) ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill


SO gorgeous!!!! And it makes me so happy (if you know what I mean) to know that other people forget about which side of the pattern to put up on occasion as well! I made a blouse a while back (Simplicity 1278) and did the very same thing. Luckily though, like this dress, it just came out with the crossover going the opposite way and worked fine.
This dress is just beautiful! I am a complete sucker for polka dots. ;)

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Esther - getting a crossover or pocket on the wrong side is one of those things you don't tell people and then they'll never know! Just pretend it was what you intended in the first place. :-)

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