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Mary Louise

I know this tutorial is years old, but I feel the need to comment on it anyway. This is one of my favorite tutorials ever. It's so simple, so clear, so useful, and I'm so definitely going to do this! Thank you for helping a fellow vintage-lover in need! :)

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

I'm so glad you find it helpful! I hope your trial turns out successfully. :-)

Kari Hobbs

This is AMAZING !!! I am a seamstress & never would have thought of this ! I plan on wearing stockings much more in the future but cannot afford $20-30 a PAIR of Retro looking seams. With the new "indestructible" pantyhose brands out there I can make a few pairs like this & save a TON of money to spend on my vintage wardrobe. This is truly genius & I thank you SO much for sharing !!! Happy days to you <3

Elene Gusch

THANK YOU! I have a '40s themed dance event coming up this week, and can't find seamed hose that I can get soon enough. While trying to shop for some online, I came across your tutorial, and made a pair of seamed pantyhose according to your directions right away. The only difficulty was to come up with a straight line in the back. The line is a bit wobbly on the thigh, but my skirt will cover that. The calves look fine.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

What an absolutely brilliant tutorial. Thank you so much!


I tried this a bunch, but the needle always makes weak spots and they run when I put them on, or at some point soon after.

I found the answer tho, hairspray the crap out of them before starting!

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