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Gina White

Oh how fun! I am seriously new to vintage (so new that I have yet to make a 1940s outfit, though I do have the fabrics and patterns for the adventure!!) so, knowing things like this will help me in the future. I have long, heavy hair, so am struggling with the idea of hairstyles. I want to keep it long as my first love is Victorian/Edwardian, so this part of the adventure will be most entertaining! Your hair looks wonderful and I love the addition of the flowers!

Liberty P

Only recently came across your blog and I just LOVE it! My goodness, you "have the look", especially your gorgeous hair! Oh dear... now to replicate it. This is definitely my favorite hair-do you have done. Absolutely stunning. Thanks for the tips on the hair net!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Gina, there are lots of tips for 1940s hairstyles for long hair if you do an internet search. I have seen movies from the '40s with longer hairstyles as well, but they were still cut in a certain way. Keep Your Powder Dry (1945) is a good example since it followed the story of three young ladies, all with different hairstyles from the period. One was quite long. I would recommend you experiment with ways to style your front hair (victory rolls, pinned ringlets, etc), since there is a variety of ways including a snood to deal with long back hair.

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Oh, Liberty! You just made my day. My goodness, a compliment from you is worth a good deal since I have been sighing for a year over my vain attempts to "have the look" even in a small degree like you and your lovely sisters!

As far as my hair - even I can't replicate it, though it is similar to the one I did for my contest entry. It turns out different every day and I have to take it as it comes!

I just spent a half-hour on your website, fighting tears. It's wonderful, what you girls are doing. I wish we lived closer so I could tag along to some of your events! Any chance you'll do or attend one in Idaho? :-) (We were so hoping to see you all in Linden this year, and missed you!!)

Thank you for taking the time to actually do what the rest of us wish we could do - seek out the veterans and listen to them and write down the stories.

Gina White

Keep Your Powder Dry...Man does that have several ways it can go! Gunpowder? Face Powder? Hair Powder? I am so going to watch this, and a whole lot more movies from this era. Thank you for the reminder! I will have to do the pinned ringlets/victory rolls because I don't have any bangs, so that will be interesting. But I know that women then had the same issue, so I can do this!! Thank you!!


This is a very helpful post Kristen! I have yet to try a hairnet but hopefully I will be able to experiment with it soon(my next event will probably be an Honor Flight)! The pictures in this post do capture the look so excellently! I should have paid closer attention to your hair when I saw you in Linden. :)

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

I'm glad you found it helpful, Annie! But looking at my hair in Linden probably wouldn't have helped you much since it was so damp the whole weekend it wasn't holding the curls like normal. You looked marvelous (you did win an award after all!), so I'm sure you'll do an excellent job dressing up for your next event!

Jason Bolton

I love these vintage hair nets I'm looking to purchase a few of them

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