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Sarah A.

Why oh why did ladies ever get away from housedresses?! They are so pretty and practical. :) I really like this one for its simplicity and color....and buttons. Your hair turned out great too! Mine is so long there is no way to "vintage" style it. Oh well. I do love it long. ;) In the fifth photo here you really look like my grandmother. Fun to see!

Gina White

Oh...my word! I love your dress! It is so darling, especially with the buttons! How fun! Ok, so now I am going to have to see if wearing a 1950s house dress and apron does indeed help make house work fun! Your hair is really fabulous here. You did a wonderful job on it. It is all soft and happy looking!!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Yes, Sarah, I agree! I think there is no reason for a lady to be sloppy, and only rarely an excuse for not being as feminine as possible. Housedresses are part of that.

I wonder if your hair would be easier to style vintage if you would trim the sides so that it's a U shape in the back. Then the front should be easier to style, and long back hair is easy to put up vintage style, at least for the 1940s.

Thanks, Gina!! I'm so glad you like it. I was happy how it turned out. Yes, do try dressing up and wearing an apron to do the housework! Believe me, it works. :-)


Your dress is SO gorgeous!!! It is simple and yet perfectly elegant, but also practical! The best of both worlds! ;)
Your hair is absolutely perfect! I must confess being very envious of it. ;) What kind of rollers do you use? My hair despises curls and tries to make them go away as soon as possible, so it's always giving me fits. And I'm trying to grow it out, so it's in that impossible stage right now.
In any case, this whole ensemble is gorgeous all the way around! :)

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Esther - I use regular foam rollers. My hair has always taken curls well - I wash it 3 times a week and dry roll it at night after washing, or if it needs a refresher. The hard part is getting the cut right so that it layers properly. Then usually once I get it figured out, some of it has grown out a bit and starts not looking right!

If your hair doesn't take to curls well, you could try rolling it damp, use smaller rollers, or spritz it with a setting lotion before rolling it.

So glad you like the dress! I love the candy dress you just made, by the way!


Thanks for the tips, Kristen! :) I think my hair might just be a hopeless case; I've tried sponge rollers of various sizes, I always use setting lotion, and I had a somewhat correctly layered cut. :/ The only time I get successful curls is with hot rollers, but even then some of them fall out, plus it takes an entire morning to set them because I have to do three batches. Heehee! It's still fun to keep trying though.
I'm glad you liked my candy dress! :)

Leya Delray

Oh! I love that color, Kristen. And your hair looks lovely!

I don't know if I've ever tried doing housework in vintage clothes, but I do like to be well-dressed every day. It's so hopelessly unmotivating for me to try and accomplish anything at all in sloppy clothing (or pajamas!). Just makes me feel absolutely "BLAH!"

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Esther, one more thing you may want to try is washing your hair with just shampoo rather than shampoo and conditioner. Finer hair may hold a curl better without the added softness that conditioner brings. It might be worth a try, anyway.

Thanks, Leya! You're right - being well-dressed every day is a great motivator, and of course you don't have to do it vintage style. :-)


I hate to say it, but I don't use conditioner about 99% of the time. Heehee!!
That being said, I put in sponge rollers last night, and by some miracle they actually look fairly decent today. So I guess all hope is not lost!
;) Thanks again, Kristen! Merry Christmas!!

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