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Sarah A.

Yep, same pattern! It's fun to recognize things you have in new/other places. :)

Uhhh...yeah, the old miracle whip recipes. I can barely stand it in tuna and eggsalad spreads. ;) And I have this distinct memory of my dear grandma, who LOVED to cook and was EXCELLENT at it...........however. She loved to try new things she'd see on cooking shows, and inevitably they weren't perfect but it was so sweet and she had so much fun and they were usually all right, like pretty red grapes in coleslaw. Then without missing a beat she'd default to her Depression Era/1950's skills, and this particular memory is one of them. She would put iceberg lettuce leaves on little plates, unmold individual fruit-filled jellos onto them, and top them with whipped cream or Cool Whip (a second bane of mine along with miracle whip. I like the real stuff!). Which was so pretty and even tasty. Until the time she didn't have enough Cool Whip so she mixed it with miracle whip, unbeknownst to us. And, (sorry, Grandma!) neither of the ingredients were too fresh to start with but I doubt that would have made one speck of difference in the taste! My brothers took one bite and seeing their reactions we all followed suit and politely and hopefully discreetly scraped all the "fluff" off of our jello. So there you have it, a little memory from Minnesota. :)

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

That is such a funny memory. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

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