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There's only one word for this whole look; stunning!!!!
My oh my, what a gorgeous dress! I'm not normally a fan of the late '50s either, but this is absolutely beautiful. And both the fit and style are perfect on you!
You are such a gorgeous lady!! :) Thanks for sharing pictures of this beautiful, amazing outfit.

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Thank you so much, Esther! I'm glad you like the pattern too. It's one of those patterns that are simple yet special, and turn something basic like a housedress into something classy.

Leya Delray

I love all the red accents. Red is such a fun color to use! Particularly for vintage outfits when you'll be wearing red lipstick anyway.

And no glasses! I couldn't figure out why you looked slightly different until you finally said so in the post. (I'm chronically unobservant when it comes to things like that!) But I like it. I think not having the glasses accentuates your eyes more, as well as those perfect brows of yours!(Jealous sigh.)

My hands-down favorite picture is the the 3rd from the bottom, where you're standing at the fence looking off into the distance. SOOOooo pretty! Really, it's totally frame-worthy!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

I like red accents too. In fact, it's amazing how many outfits a little red hair bow or a red belt will go with!

And of course your compliments are always appreciated, Leya! :-)

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