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This is so much fun!! I am soooo happy for you, Kristen!!! I didn't get a chance to say so until now, but congratulations, and may the Lord bless you and Dustin!!!!! :) I can tell just by reading the posts how utterly joyful and contented you are, and that is such a blessing to see. Have fun working on this lovely stuff!! :)


Oh, these shoes look so pretty with a touch of blue! I was wondering what creative way (or ways) you would add ''Something blue''!! My wedding color was royal blue. Looking forward to seeing what you make with these flowers...Of course, your dress sounds lovely too.

Best wishes,


Hello there. I stumbled across your blog very recently, and wanted to say that I love your authentic vintage style.
But, congratulations on your engagement! I'm sure that it is quite the task making your own wedding dress, but I think that makes it all the more special...to have lovingly sewn each seam. I plan on making my own hopefully one day as well.

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Welcome, Johanna! I'm so glad you found me. :-)

Thank you for the congratulations! It has been a wonderful engagement so far. Yes, it is quite the task to make my wedding dress...several times I was ready to wish I'd not attempted it. But it's almost finished now (just have miles of hem to do...) and I'm so pleased with the way it turned out! It was worth the effort. :-)

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