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These are great tips that I look forward to utilizing!! I find myself in these kind of situations far too often, and I think your ideas are marvelous for pushing through and getting the projects done!! Thanks for the tips!!
Also, that dress in the second to last picture is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Can't wait to see more of it sometime!!!!! :D

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Thanks for stopping by, Esther! Let me know if any of these ideas work for you! I know they've been helpful for me getting things done.

The dress in the photo is actually a 1930s blouse, which I posted about here: http://verityvintagestudio.typepad.com/my-blog/2014/12/project-journal-my-1930s-inspired-outfit.html

Unfortunately it was such an early project - too sloppy and way too big - so it ended up in the refashion pile. But I need to give that pattern another try one of these days.


This is like the perfect post for me, because I am terrible at procrastinating on my sewing projects. I have to say, that I've already used some of these already! I realized that I haven't gotten anything done in a while because I was putting off something that I'm making for someone else, and I felt guilty making something for me, when it wasn't done yet. And then I sat down to do only 30 minutes of sewing and got a lot done on it!
Thank you for these tips, I'll probably be coming back to them again and again!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

I'm so glad to hear it's helpful to you, Elizabeth! It can be so encouraging to see progress on a languishing project. :-)

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