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Sarah A.

Hi Kristen! Your hair looks lovely with these flowers, and I love how dainty they are. I am searching for some tiny pink rosebuds for my wedding hairstyle and am wondering if you can recommend a place to buy these exact kinds of paper flowers. I tried looking on Etsy and Ebay but the listings are so many that it was overwhelming. If you could reply by email, that would be great, if not, I'll try and check back on the blog here. Thanks SO much in advance! :)


Leya Delray

Oh my. I must get some of these. Immediately and at once!:-D

I have a total of about 3 paper hair-flowers I think. (Blue and white. Bet you know where I got them too.)But I must have some more, in various style and colors to go with different outfits. I'm just in love with the way they look. (If only I could manage to remember to actually put them IN more often!)

Where do you generally buy them from?

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Leya, I get mine on Etsy. If you can find a shop with a nice selection so you can combine the shipping on the colors you want, they are usually quite reasonable. If you are buying from an overseas shop though, remember to allow plenty of time for shipping.

This is one of my favorite shops for buying small quantities of different colors and sizes: https://www.etsy.com/shop/eastmeetswest

You probably don't want any that are less than 1 in. though, since the smaller ones may get lost in your hair - though they look very nice combined with larger ones, or if you decorate headbands or hair clips with them.

Hope that helps!

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