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Love the sweater with the necklace , it looks so pretty together!
I have just gotten my haircut to your length ( I've had it much longer
like forever) -maybe one day you can post on how to style it that way.
I've always used electric rollers, fluff with fingers and out the door-when it
was longer.
Lovely post!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Thank you, Irene! Yes, they were a nice color match.

I might have to do a hair setting post some day, though I have to say it's pretty basic. I use 3 sizes of foam rollers, using smaller ones close to my face from my part down to my ear, and the big ones in rows of 5, 4, and 3 on the back of my head, with 2 small ones at the bottom for nape hairs. I tried using electric rollers but they didn't work for me. They certainly are a speedier option if they work for your hair!

Sarah - Sew Characteristically You

I love the idea of reproduction crochet patterns. I love browsing through http://thevintagepatternfiles.blogspot.co.uk/ and some of the patterns look so cool! I have gotten the impression that vintage patterns can have mistakes and errors. I have used a 1940's knitting pattern for a teddy bear, and as far as I remember it was pretty straight forward, but not everything is so fortunate. :) I've seen some new patterns on Vintage Pattern Files that might work for vintage eras but are not styled as authentic vintage design, and I would love to see patterns that are styled and presented as authentic reproduction.

One of these days I may make a knit jumper from a vintage pattern, but I haven't gotten that far and there are so many to choose from!



Oh, what a pretty sweater!!! The belt does make your sweater look vintage. Is that one of your own patterns, Kristen?

I love crochet too! I would be interested in learning more about vintage-style patterns that are easy to follow and updated. It is annoying coming across an old patterns and trying to figure out what yarn/thread to use. Sometimes one can guess but some yarn is not made any more.

Best wishes, Dee

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Sarah - Often vintage patterns are simply vague, assuming the stitcher knows what she is doing, to a great extent. I've tried crocheting 1940s and 1950s hats from original patterns, and with sketchy instructions and no close up photos, I usually end up having to wing it and just guess at what it's supposed to turn out like. But others have used vintage patterns successfully, so I know it can be done - just like the idea of a better option!

I'd be interested in knowing what sort of authentic reproduction patterns would interest you. Garments? Accessories? What era?

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Dee - No, the sweater is a free download from Lion Brand Yarn's website, called the Persimmon Pullover, I think. I made it a long time ago; now I'm much more likely to design my own! :-)

I agree that one of the difficulties about vintage patterns is coming up with the right yarn and gauge. Often they call for a certain amount of yards of a certain brand of yarn, without any indication what size that particular yarn is, and of course it's long out of production. I will say it's easier to substitute for accessories than garments, since if a purse or hat is a little larger or smaller than it's supposed to be it usually doesn't matter that much.

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