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Oh my! All those shoes in the photos are absolutely beautiful plus they look so comfortable! I wouldn't know which to pick as a favorite-(all of them please lol)
The shoes you purchased are really pretty too, I must say, good choice!
Are they comfortable to wear without stockings? I noticed you were wearing them with the shoes, reason is I have a few pairs that do need with stockings (better fit) .
Good luck with your new shoes and I do see you have a lovely collection!
Blessings -
Irene 🌻

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Irene! I know, I always sigh over multiple shoe models in just about every single ad. I actually owned a pair in the first poster for a while, but unfortunately they were too small so I had to pass them on.

The Remix ones are comfortable to wear without stockings, however I always wear nylons when I dress up. I haven't noticed a fit difference on these, with or without stockings.


Thank you for another fun post! Your pictures are so pretty...

I have a question about Royal Vintage shoes. Do you order a half size smaller for wearing with stockings?

Thanks so much!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Laura,

Thanks for stopping by! To answer your question, I ordered a half size smaller on the styles that they said run large, just so it would fit my foot. I always wear nylons with my heels, but even if I didn't I'm sure the next size would simply have been too large for me since these fit so well. However, if you are considering ordering and are unsure if you should size down, you can always contact them with your foot measurements and ask for their recommendation. Reading the reviews can help too.


Thank you Kristen!


Shoes are such a fun topic! And this post way quite interesting and helpful. Practicality does make the shoes and clothes I wear change so much! Running after two little ones at a job for a year changed my wardrobe very much! I actually found a quality pair of leather cowboy boots to be my most comfortable option to pair with skirts and dresses. Of course, we were outdoors many days on such steep and uneven ground that heels would have been out of the question while carrying a child!

I do have one question for you. What are your thoughts of Royal Vintage's Spectator Pumps vs. the Marilyn Pumps? Are they about equal in comfort and steadiness? Which one would you choose if you knew you were going to be dancing at some point in the day?

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Annie,
I know cowboy boots can be very comfortable and a great dressy-yet-protective option!

To answer your question, the Peggy pumps and the Marilyns are both equal in steadiness. I would probably choose to wear the Marilyns if I knew I would be dancing, because the lower vamp would make it slightly more comfortable to wear with a lot of action. However, if the Peggys are well broken in, that might not be a problem.


This was really helpful, I own a couple of reproduction shoes from the same company you bought some shoes from and them amazing and accurate, I bought baby dolls one pair in white and one pair in black. And I’m the same I look at the shoes to see how accurate they are to the time period annoys me when they’re not accurate ruins the whole costume for me in the films.

Anyway the reason why I say this blog was really helpful I picked up a pair of 1950s heels, from the op shop but I wasn’t sure if they were if they were from the 1950s or just inspired untiltea read this article and now I know there from 1950s.

. So thank you 💗.

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