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Oh my goodness! Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous! My dream would be to go into shops and see those dresses available for purchase. To think the women in those days took shopping all for granted ~sigh~. How depressing our clothing shops are today compared to then. The only way today is if you're a talented seamstress. Your so lucky that you have the talent to copy any of the dresses above. My skills are only for simple skirts. Enjoy sewing these replicas and can't wait to see your finished projects! 😀


Oh, I really appreciated this post!! :) I have been working on overhauling my wardrobe. I am trying to plan outfits ahead of time and being better organized, so I don't have to think too much later also.

I would like to get back to sewing and make things that I will really wear. I like jacket dresses or 2-piece dresses. That print dress with the overskirt and bolero looks great for travel or every day.

Looking forward to see what you will make after Baby Clay arrives and what outfits you will make for him/her :)

Best wishes, Dee


Marvelous post!! All dresses are best and have unique styles. Thanks for sharing.


Me gusta esta moda , la época en que se usó . Quiero hacerme vestidos así.

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