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Thank you for all those lovely maternity dresses you've made.It certainly has been inspiring to see. I am expecting my 7th baby, and feminine, modest maternity dresses can't be found in stores. It will be interesting to see what you do for nursing. I've stuck with blouse and skirt, as my babies don't wait for buttons! (Screaming baby: "FEED ME NOW!!" Me: "wait, I've got three more buttons to go!)
Cherish your baby, they're small such a short time!

Sarah - Sew Characteristically You

I love hearing about your project plans, and it is so nice to know I am not the only one with a large stash of fabric that I have plans for! Most everything I buy already has a project planned for it. Which means I have a very long to do list. :)


Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Debra - I've already found that zippers for the front work better than buttons many times, and are easier to manage with one hand. For everyday so far I am finding that knit tops and sweaters work well, but since I do still want to sew and wear vintage dresses, I'll figure out how to manage the buttons. :-)

Sarah - I am the same way! I will have a ton of fabric and a long list of items to make, but if I see a fabric sale often I end up getting some and half of it is paired and at the top of my list before I even place the order. But I really am trying to refocus and do my fabric "shopping" on my own shelves.


These are all such wonderful projects to be getting on with. I, of course, love the 1930s ones but my favourite has to be the third one, the Advance 1940s dress that you're going to make in navy rayon. It looks so cute and I'm a sucker for white collars on dresses. I have a few original collars I have plans for, I just need to find some time to make them! xx


All these patterns look lovely!! I look forward to seeing whatever you make next.

Gina White

Oooooh! I am loving all those early 1930s patterns! You will look darling!

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