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Hi Kristen , another pretty dress! Yes, good idea about that print, you can wear it all winter long. Looks very comfortable too. The hat is adorable , as the 40's is my favorite decade of fashion. I'm sure the baby pounds will come off soon enough. Took me two months with my first son and six months with my second son, to go back to my original size, but my feet did get a little wider-permanently- unfortunately. I was wondering are those photos taken by your home? It looks like your in the middle of nowhere. Your neighbors must be far? I live in on the east coast so iam not used to seing all of that undeveloped land-looks so lovely and peaceful. All of your outfits are so pretty! You must get complimented quite often!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Thank you, Irene!

The photos are taken on my parents' ranch, which is about an hour away from where I live. It's not quite in the middle of nowhere - they are only 10 minutes from the highway, and there are neighbors visible in several directions. I'm from the east too, and never get tired of the wide open spaces out here! :-)


Love this dress! Great job on the hat...you fooled me because I thought it was vintage. LOL I do have that hat on my project list.

Very happy, healthy New Year to you & your family,

Cindy Wilson

Your style is always so beautiful, I love the dresses and detail. I am curious what you wear for everyday in the winter; in your house, with only one wood stove. I don't see anything warm and practical for cleaning and cooking. Just curious. Cindy

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Cindy,

I wear a lot of sweater tops and skirts in the winter, like this one: http://verityvintagestudio.typepad.com/my-blog/2016/09/why-i-love-thrift-stores-the-houndstooth-sweater-blouse.html

I get hot easily when I am working so even in the winter I often wear short sleeves with a sweater over top so I can take off the sweater if I get too warm. Any of my vintage pattern sewn house dresses featured on the blog I usually layer that way in cooler weather. And I do find house dresses, while dressier than what most women wear today to work in, are quite practical for cleaning and cooking - especially with an apron.

However, I do often dress only vintage-inspired for everyday, with a mix of modern-made thrifted pieces (usually with vintage sensibilities) and me-made pieces, and save this type of dress, along with hat and makeup, for going to church or other dressy outings.


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