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Juliana @ Urban Simplicity

What a pretty dress! I think the sash is perfect, actually. Personally, I always preferred a softer middle after having babies--it takes a while for everything to go back to where it was before (and even then, it doesn't always all go back!) and a belt can be a LOT of feedback around the middle.

Your son is adorable--he definitely looks like his daddy!

Jennie DeVries

What a beautiful dress, it fits you well. The hand work at the center front looks so lovely and adds that special touch. . . . You are so right, it blends the zipper pull right in and I almost did not see it. I LOVE your hat by the way!

Jennie from theuglydame.blogspot.com

Leya Delray

Oooooh! This is gorgeous. I love the embroidery. And I LOVE that hat!

And of course, "wiggle worm" is adorable. I hope you're going to occasionally make vintage baby outfits for him and do a post about them. :-)

April Henry

Amazing talent, Kristen... Enjoyed the close-up detail and photos showing the peplum and handwork along the neckline.

Truly, you look like you time traveled. I felt like I was looking at old family photos (but maybe in HD technicolor). 😉

By the way, God has blessed you with striking beauty and a radiant smile.


That's so lovely! :)

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