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Thank you for sharing this post. This is what I struggle with the most. I have plenty of vintage inspired clothing to wear for church and dressier occasions, but for around the house, I don't know what to wear that would be comfortable, yet vintage. I adore house dresses, but I am not confident enough in my sewing skills to try and make one, and they are very hard to find in my size. You give me inspiration!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

I'm so glad it was helpful, Myra! Yes, there are plenty of modern made pieces that can work very well for vintage or vintage inspired - you just have to shop with an eye for them. Something as simple as a pullover sweater or cardigan set with a basic A line skirt can be great. Googling images of causal 1940s or 1950s wear might help give you ideas as well.


Hi Kristen-enjoyed your post. Your outfit is pretty much identical to what I wear for daily outings, shopping, chores.... but I must confess on these cold winter days when iam home with no need to go out, I hibernate my lazy cozy sweatpants. Kudos for you for wearing those pretty house dresses when your home all day. Don't you find it a bit chilly though when it's so cold to wear the dresses at home? Also sometimes when I need to go out on a quick run to the market, I don't bother changing because I think why does it matter, everyone just about dress like slobs anyway, so why should I make an effort just for half an hour? That's a mindset I think that I should make en effort just for a quick run out. That's great with you being a young mother and busy that you make an effort every day. Your shoes are lovely too! I always enjoy your outfit posts!
Irene 🙂

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