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Juliana @ Urban Simplicity

I've also found that getting familiar with fabric brands is helpful, especially since I do so much of my fabric shopping online. I love Cotton+Steel, and I always know about what I'm getting with their range of substrates (the quilting cotton makes lovely dresses, being Japanese cotton, and high quality). I also like Cloud9 but find their prices a bit hard to take sometimes. Art Gallery is a mixed bag. They have nice knits, but I don't like the way their quilting cotton feels, and their lawn is really weird feeling (but has nice drape!) Riley Blake has nice knits, but their quilting cotton isn't great. Michael Miller's quilting cotton is kind of a disaster and I've learned to just look away, despite the great prints. Penny Rose has great quilting cotton, but it is quite thick, so it doesn't always work for dresses (but I've made some really cute dresses from it for myself and my girls, having said that!)


Your timing on this post is perfect! I have a reproduction vintage pattern in mind and it's perfect for a cotton print but I've hesitated to pick one out - now I can feel at least a little more confident when I go looking this weekend :-)

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Juliana - thanks for the voice of experience! I haven't sewn enough with the different brands to have decided which ones work the best, though generally, as I said above, any pricier cotton is going to turn out better than a cheap one. I'm glad to hear Cotton+Steel is a good option - I've heard good things about them, and have a piece of their cotton paired in my sewing queue for some time this summer. :-)

Amy - glad I could help!


Your dresses are so lovely! Yes quilters cotton is my favorite choice to use in sewing my skirts. The reason because of all the beautiful prints (love prints!) I checked out apparel fabric but never cared for their choices of prints that they offered, so back to the quilters cotton section I go. 😆
The more I sewed the more I realized that yes the more pricier ones makes for a good looking skirt. The cheaper fabric always made my skirt look wrinkled, worn out, not nice , so I wear it a few times then it goes in the donation pile, so not worth it. Best to spend a few more bucks to make a good looking skirt that I will end up wearing for a long time, especially the time I put into making it! 😃

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Yes, Irene, suitable apparel fabrics can be found in solids or plaids or possibly gingham, but vintage style prints are practically nonexistent, unfortunately. :-( I wish so badly for a good source in my price range for large florals...or even polka dots!


Thank you! Great info...just what I was looking for. I loved all the examples too.

I haven't tried Michael Miller fabric but saw some good reviews online for making a dress or skirt.

Best wishes, Dee

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