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Rebecca Young

I love the colour of your dress

maddie b

Hi! You are so talented! I also love to wear vintage, but I live in a city with a lot of people, and I walk mostly everywhere. Do you ever get weird looks from people or just plain rudeness ever? I am always so self-conscious when walking around town because I can feel people staring at me. Also, do people think you're a lot older than you actually are? I love your designs and want to know what your experiences are wearing vintage out and about. I wish I were more confident about wearing full on vintage, and you inspire me!

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Maddie! Thanks for your comment! I live in a rural area and not in a city, but pretty much the only reaction I get is warm approval or curiosity. Lots of people have admired my style and said it reminded them of their mom or grandma...ladies have said, "Oh, I wish I could dress like that!" etc. If I've gotten stares, I haven't really noticed and wouldn't care if I did. I've never dressed in modern styles or followed trends, so I've always looked different. That said - I have lived in more conservative areas where perhaps people are more used to seeing dresses, etc, but even when I'm traveling I can't remember any rudeness and have had multiple good conversations started by comments on my style.

However, I usually only wear vintage clothes and hairstyle - I do wear hats to church, but save my makeup and gloves and more outlandish accessories for photo shoots or costume events.

I think a lot of people actually appreciate seeing a young person dress tastefully and confidently instead of the sloppy, self-and-others-dishonoring way that is now too much in vogue. Those who don't like it usually have a chip on their shoulder about the old-fashioned era I evoke - which I am not at all embarrassed about firmly evoking! To me it's more of a mission. :-)

maddie b

Thanks for letting me know, Kristen! You're definitely right about people admiring a young person who dresses well. And I can definitely appreciate someone who has made an effort to look classy. They look "shiny" somehow.

I usually shop at thrift stores and have found some real vintage gems, and I tend to mix eras in my ensembles sometimes. The quality it so different and much better! Maybe I will take up sewing and experiment with repro fabrics in the future though. Anyway, I love your style and admire the confidence you exude!


Love the dress! The color is gorgeous. You bring up a fitting point I have been struggling with, shortening of the bodice. I don't know what your pattern looks like, but you may have helped me figure out what type of adjustment I need to do. The fabric on the back of your dress looks like it is pooling despite your adjustment. As you described the waist in front is too short though.
I found this blog post on fitting that might apply to both our situations, check out "sway back" adjustment.
I look forward to hearing whether this works for you, because I just keep struggling to shorten my bodices and then get them to sit right.

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