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Very nice.


This looks great! I have seen this pattern many times but didn't realize how well it would work for color blocking until now. The envelope pic is too subtle to see. At first, I thought you had on a bolero. It looks very slimming too.


Very beautiful! I have often been curious about maternity clothing pre-sixties.
I believe we have a common friend in April who's family has a business with some similar interest as this blog. I live right between you.

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Well, I can't be sure someone from the era would have worn this pattern as maternity, but it works for me! Many actual maternity styles (especially the ones most popular in the 50s) are not flattering for me, so I get creative.

And yes, I met April through my husband and enjoy her very much! Do you live in Riggins?

Klára Váradi

Hi Kristen,

you look very lovely in the dress:)

I decided to purchase the pattern a while ago but did not make to make it until recently. AND, do I struggle:) It seemed quite easy to make but the yoke bit with the gathering? I gave up:) So, my respect to you, I love how yours turned out!

All the best and greeting from Prague!



This dress looks very elegant & should do well for you. The front shoulder/bodice looks very classy. I love the way you stiffened it & used a brooch. It looks like something HRM The Queen would wear, at that time.
I didn't know Jo-Ann carried retro patterns. Will have to look!
Mom was very stylish, although she preferred pants suits. She thought her ankles weren't pretty enough. I look at photos & I most certainly do not agree!

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