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Rebecca Young

Many congratulations - and a welcome to Betsy!

Cindy Wilson

Congratulations. She is beautiful ❤️. Will you be dressing Betsy vintage? I love your blog. I don't dress vintage but still look forward to seeing your makes. I do however sew vintage for my granddaughter. She has a very long torso so ready made is not a very good fit. She is five. When her clothing is not me made, she says accusingly "My Grandma didn't make that and wants something that is. She says it's comfy. I'm usually make from the 60's-70's. She gets so many compliments.

Johanne Kemp

Congratulations. Beautiful baby. Enjoy the moment as they grow so quickly. Always look forward to your blog posts but delighted at your news. Best wishes to you all!


Oh, how precious! Congrats to you and your family!! Glad all went well. Looking forward to seeing her in the dress to match yours. (I am seeing more vintage mommy-and-me makes in the future) What does your son think about being a big brother?

Mrs Rat

She is a beauty---just like you! Congratulations! And what a lovely dress you made for her.

Lynne Johnson

Betsy is precious! Congratulations to you and your family!


She's beautiful! Congratulations and blessings to you and your family!


Welcome Baby Betsy! My baby Betsy is 12 years old now and ready to start seventh grade tomorrow. Baby Betsy and her dress is adorable. Did you know that Liberty Fabrics has a fabric called Betsy? It’s very sweet.


Congratulations on your new baby!!!! I just had my third baby in June. A girl too. :) I too tried wearing vintage during my pregnancy, but never looked pretty as you. Now I'm waiting for my waist to return so I can start some pretty dresses for myself.


Little Betsy is adorable!!!

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