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Alyssa Wesselmann

It's beautiful! Excellent job! My grandma makes fantastic quilts, but at this point I'm firmly a garment sewer! Perhaps one day I'll give quilting a serious try though :) I really love how you tied your quilt - that seems like an excellent way to get started!


For a beginner you did an amazing job. Beautifully done!
How you juggle two kids, housewifery , sewing dresses and now quilts?
I would love to know your secret!
Happy 🦃 Thanksgiving 🙏🏻


Oh, my what a beautiful quilt! WOW I think I would have started with a lap quilt but you jumped right in---what a labor of love that will be passed down. And, you are putting your leftover garment scraps to good use. (I love those portraits of you and your husband in the first pic. Whoever did them is very talented.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynne Johnson

A lovely project! I can't believe you tackled the quilt with your little ones about. It turned out well and looks so cheerful.


I just found your blog and oh my you’ve stolen my heart with your fine skills. I want to be just like you and wear pretty dresses and keep a beautiful house. Thank you for being in the blogosphere, it’s so encouraging.

That being said, I was admiring your house dresses on Instagram and when I clicked over to your blog I saw your post on your quilt. I too am a garment maker and only recently moved a bit over to quilting. Since you say this is a first foray into a full size bed quilt, may I recommend you try your hand at a sampler quilt. I tried the Splendid Sampler as a new block was being published twice a week for a year (100 blocks total) and I learned so many sewing skills that are specific to quilting. It was so interesting to get different designers take on quilting. I’m finishing it with hand quilting, so it’s not yet complete. Only another five years or so to go (I rather hope not, sooner would be better). :)

Anyways, thank you again for your posts. They are lovely.

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