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Lovely sweater. Your sister did an excellent job — give her congratulations! And your styling is perfect. A wonderful outfit.


You look lovely as usual, your hair is always flawless! And such a lovely cardigan! Lucky you to have a sister who knits for you. I learnt the basics of knitting as a girl, but never liked it very much, especially because my sister was a master knitter, and I always felt untalented compared to her... Also, I prefer sewing. However, looking at all the gorgeous vintage knitting patterns encouraged me to pick up needles and yarn again. Currently I have 3 unfinished vintage projects that I randomly work on, plus a lace half-circle shawl for my daughter. I am totally hooked and very determined to knit more!


Great sweater---nice to see a vintage pattern in a heavier yarn. Where did she get the pattern?


Stay well & Happy Spring

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Dee - She got it from the Etsy shop Tangled Sundries. It was in the Jack Frost Blouse Book volume 34.

Doris- I'm so glad to hear you picked it up again! Maybe someday I will too. :-) Those vintage knitting patterns are a huge inspiration to do so...(and thanks for the compliments - good hair days have been rare lately, so it was nice to have a nice one for this photo shoot.)

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