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Laura Ingalls Gunn

This is absolutely adorable! The prints are perfect.


that women needs to get those moles removed from her face they are going to become cancerous,besides thy are ugly.


What a beautiful blouse and skirt! I now must endeavor to find that pattern… it’s the tops!
Furthermore, please don’t listen to the poster holly of 1/30/23- regarding anything being ugly. No part of you is ugly.
(Do get your whole body checked yearly for cancerous moles though. My mother in law, being from the upper midwest, has had several bouts of skin cancer. Luckily, it has been found early each time and removed so we’re all quite thankful and hyper aware.)


Hello Miss Verity Vintage,
My sister and I have been watching your posts for years now and we are indeed uplifted by your standards on Godly dress. We both sew and wear several dresses from the 1940s and 1950s era. I was wondering though do you intend to do your own website on selling any of your items? Its appalling not being able to find a good Godly Christian website where you can buy modest clothing, patterns, etc. Do you know how to start an online store? Not adding pressure, just wondered if you had any knowledge on this topic. Thank you so much for encouraging ladies in the way of being keepers at home. Karina

Kristen Stoltzfus Clay

Hi Karina,

I have an Etsy shop called JoysinStitches where I occasionally sell vintage or hand sewn vintage-style dresses, but I do not do custom orders or anything like that. There are a number of Etsy shops that do, so you could check them out. Also you can find nice feminine, modest dresses online too - it just takes some looking.


Thank you very much for telling me so. I'm not trying to complain just wondered if there was a way for me to open up a modest website shop online. Not sure on how to go about that though. Again thank you for being understanding. God Bless, Karina.

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